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Stats for September 2014

  1. 32.5 million visits from 24.7 million unique visitors
  2. Second highest volume of traffic among all Federal Agencies
  3. 71% of visits came from new IP addresses (new visitors)
  4. Average session duration was 97 seconds
  5. The most popular page is the astronomy photo of the day
Overall site traffic for NASA
Site traffic for APOD and Orion
Bounce rates for APOD and Orion
Clustering in one dimension
Clustering in two dimensions
Clustering in three dimensions
Clustering in n dimensions

(data access)     Image API For Developers

planetary image APIs for earth and mars imagery, developer-ready.


(MODEL Access)  Computational Resource Access

remote access to quantum computer for baseline testing.


(Monitoring)    Inward looking analytics

​​analytics and data narratives. who is using NASA data? for what?


Big Insight at NASA

By danhammer

Big Insight at NASA

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