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Blockchain: greater than the sum

  • Cryptography - Ancient (in internet time)
  • P2P Networks - Sean Parker is 36 now, folks
  • Consensus Algorithms - Meh, a new riff

Proof of ownership

Generate cryptographically secure transactions synced to a worldwide network that maintains a single, global ledger of the chronological state of ownership for all participants.

Blockchain *HUH*, what is it good for?

Absolutely these things:

What is identity?

A collection of attributes, activities, and interactions provably linked to an entity

open System
user-sovereign IDENTITIES
memorable Identifiers
Indexable registry
​Semantic data

The Brass tacks of identity

a Product-centric view

Claim 1

The identity opportunity blockchain presents is historic and unprecedented

Signed data backed by public private key cryptography

Global index of identifiers and their associated identity data



Blockchain transactions that register identifiers

Claim 2

An open, user-sovereign, global identity system will be integrated with almost every product, service, and human activity

Real-Time Data

Claim 3

The data that comprises those use-cases will not live on the blockchain. Instead, they will be enabled and anchored by blockchain identities

Jane's new car

Lucy, the saleswoman

Bill, the lender

Jane, the buyer

The dealership generates a data object for Jane's loan, signed by the saleswoman, Lucy, and the lender, Bill.

Jane agrees to the terms, so she uses her blockchain identity to sign the loan object.


The signed, cryptographically verifiable loan object can be produced by any of the parties involved to verify the contents and agreeing parties.


The result: a record that is secured by the blockchain, without requiring a transaction on the blockchain.

W3C Blockchain Identity Workshop

By Daniel Buchner

W3C Blockchain Identity Workshop

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