Android 6.0 Marshmallow


Who am I?!

Deuphil Kaufmann
SDK Developer @ HyperGrowth
PADC Co-organizer

What we'll cover

  • What's new on Android 6.0 Marshmallow (~15mins)
  • Code Lab (~60mins)
    • New App Permission Model
    • Android Auto Backup*
  • Q&A (~15mins)
  • ???

So what's new on Android 6.0?

App Permissions

Then: Install-time permissions

Now: Runtime permissions


User has full control of permissions

Fingerprint APIs

Two APIs for fingerprints

  • FingerprintManager.authenticate()
    • Verify that authorized user is present
    • Your app controls all UI
  • KeyguardManager.createConfirmDeviceCredentialIntent()
    • Present lock screen to user
    • startActivityForResult(), check for Activity.RESULT_OK
  • New permission
    • android.permission.USE_FINGERPRINT

Android Backup


  • All data are now backed up by default on apps targeting API 23+ and/or are on Android 6.0
    • Up to 25MB per app
  • Developer control via optional scheme file in xml/ resource
    • includes/exlcludes

Power and Doze


  • Better screen-off battery life
  • Doze
    • Untouched or idle devices will become "inactive"
    • Upon user interaction detected, will resume to normal operation
    • Longer to wakeup background tasks
  • App standby
    • Unused apps lose network access
    • Will restore access upon user interaction
  • AlarmManager API changes
    • setAndAllowWhileIdle instead of  set
    • setExactAndAllowWhileIdle instead of setExact

Assistant Support

Assist API (Now on Tap)

  • Offers app developers to summon an assistant, Now on Tap
  • Developers can provide additional contextual info on top
    1. Implement Application.OnProvideAssistDataListener
    2. Register via registerOnProvideAssistDataListener()
    3. Override onProvideAssistData() and onProvideAssistContent()

App Linking

Removing ambiguity

  • Enhances the current intent handling/resolution
  • User can override app associations in the Settings
  • Now able to create a direct link to your app's web domain
    1. Declare your intent filters in your AndroidManifest.xml to handle your website's URIs
    2. Setup app link verification, autoVerify="true"
    3. Provide a digital asset links JSON on your website for verification
  • Gotchas
    • Verification will be done on HTTPS
    • Only when all app link patterns have been verified will your app be the default handler

Direct Share

Contextual, intuitive sharing

Contextual, intuitive sharing

  • Extend ChooserTargetService class, a Service
  • Define in your AndroidManifest.xml
    1. Declare android.permission.BIND_CHOOSER_TARGET_SERVICE permission
    2. Add android.service.chooser.ChooserTargetService action in your <intent-filter>
  • For each activity that you would want exposed, declare a <meta-data>
  • <meta-data 
        android:value="<your ChooserTargetService class>" />

    Other Stuff

    Other stuff

    • Adoptable Storage Devices
    • Confirm Credential
    • Bluetooth Stylus Support
    • Improved BLE Scanning
    • Hotspot 2.0 Release 1 Support
    • 4K Display Mode
    • Themeable ColorStateLists
    • Audio + Video features
    • Camera APIs
    • Android for Work
    • Android Data Binding*
    • Google Play Services*
    • Android Design Library (see Material Design Code Lab)


    References and further readings

    GDG DevFest 2015 - Android 6.0 Marshmallow

    By Deuphil Kaufmann (deu)

    GDG DevFest 2015 - Android 6.0 Marshmallow

    A presentation on Android 6.0 Marshmallow for GDG DevFest 2015 held at PLDT InnoLab on October 16-17, 2015.

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