Design System

Dimitrie Hoekstra

Navigating our Design System

Where & Why?

On being iterative

Holistic design thinking

Scaling design

Spreading design thinking

UX Research


There is more to do :)

How to let UX designers focus more on meaningful design decisions and build on top of previous work?


Hello design system!

Show the Why, How and What

Teams say why do we need it?

Where to begin?

Direct wins

Again document every detail

Be descriptive and concise

Include other departments

Make it accessible, no really! ;)

Initial release!

What can we take home from this? 


Improving GitLab's Navigation and Design System

By Dimitrie Hoekstra

Improving GitLab's Navigation and Design System

How we approached and strengthened our commitment to the revised navigation of GitLab and the GitLab Design System.

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