B2g and you

9.18.13 - Tony Chung

Understanding the milestones

QA coverage today

How can i help?

    Understanding the milestones


    Spain / Colombia / Venezuela / Poland

    Leo, Buri, Ikura devices

    Delivery: October?

    1.1 HD

    Helix device.  in flux, TBD


    Feature complete: Sept 16

    Code Freeze: Oct

    Delivery: EOY

    SDLC cycle

    User story requirements
    Dev builds features
    QA writes and execute tests
    code lands on mozilla-central (gecko) / Master (gaia)
    code branches after FC, partners pick up branched code
    Bug fixes until Code Freeze
    Partner testing : pre-IOT / IOT
    finalizing partner customizations

    QA Coverage Today

    Active Duties

    Functional Testcases in Moztrap
    Gaia UI marionette tests (python and js)
    Converting platform mochitests for b2g
    Building b2g API compatibility tests
    Triage work
    Localization, 3rd party apps, customization settings
     performance analysis, device maintenance, documentation and evangelism


    US QA (~12), Taiwan QA (6), Qanalysts contractors (18)
    Partner QA (various)

    How can i help?

    • Get a device running 1.1 or 1.2
      • Buris, Leos, Ikuras, or Helixes.   no more Unagis
    •  Write functional testcases in moztrap
      • work with a QA feature owner, and find the gaps needed
    •  Write Gaia UI automated tests
      • clone marionette, and write JS or Python tests from the set of outstanding issues
    • Write Test apps
      • HTML5, js lovers - build your own apps that test the apis
    •  Dogfood and file bugs
      • All bugs are under Boot2Gecko product.   If a issue lives on platform, start with Core product
      • Use the device as your primary phone.   We can get you sim cards and sdcards if necessary


    Your core B2G QA team:

    Jason, John H, Geo, Marcia, Naoki, Stephen, David, Martijn ,Zac, Krupa, Bob S, Tony

    B2g and you

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    B2g and you

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