Dolphia Nandi

Why I came to the class?

What I was doing before?

  • Server side Web Developer @BostonGlobe
  • Masters in Computer Science (SW Engineering) from SUNY - Buffalo
  • Owner of a successful food blog.

What I want to be doing?

  • Web UX Design 

  • Redesign of my cooking blog "Story of Cooks"

  • Creating Portfolio

What I created?

Old site

  • Slow - 15 secs loading time
  • No pagination
  • No visible search option
  • Too Much extra
  • Big footer
  • Flopped Simple recipes
  • Where is the newsletter?



  • Fast loading time (2.3 s)
  • Clean design
  • Sticky left rail 
  • Only necessary information
  • Less chaos
  • Clear Search Option
  • Prominent Newsletter Signup
  • Small Footer
  • Pagination


How I approached the work?

Wordpress or not ?

What other CMS are out there?

Why Wordpress?

  • Time-realistic
  • Extensive support group
  • Available answers (Qoura, Stack Overflow)
  • Familiarity
  • No Content Migration 


Design Flaws

  • Site id position
  • Too many menu items
  • Too much busy right rail
  • Liked the simple layout
  • Quickly found the search
  • Easily available Newsletter

Focus Groups

Steve Krug

  • Site id should be on left
  • Site layout - left to right
  • Visible Search
  • Less Chaos
  • Little learning time
  • Omit needless words 


Flat Markup

Theme creation


Dev Server Creation

Child Theme

Theme testing


Tools I used

Future Scopes

Story of Cooks

New Career

  • Building Portfolio (In progress)

  • Making mock designs and stories for Bloomberg, a local cafe, Boston Globe, Fidelity. 
  • Learning how to create stories.

Beginning of a new journey


By Dolphia Nandi-Arnstein