Writing an Op-Ed Piece

PSCI 210 - Introduction to American Government

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Today We Will

  • Review your assignment
  • Define an op-ed
  • Look at the library guide
  • Example op-eds
  • Scholarly information
  • Think tanks
  • Evaluating information

Your Assignment

Write an op-ed piece on one of the following topics:

  • Thesis 1: The Constitution should be amended to provide for term limits for members of Congress in both houses.
  • Thesis 2: The Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United has been beneficial for democracy.
  • Thesis 3: Congressional earmarks should be banned.
  • Thesis 4: The United States should adopt multimember congressional districts with seats apportioned proportionally according to the number of votes cast. 
  • Thesis 5: Campaigns do not affect election outcomes .


    What is an Op-Ed?

    Definition: a newspaper page devoted to signed articles by commentators, essayists, humorists, etc., of varying viewpoints

    History and Abbreviations: short for opposite editorial. First Known Use: 1970

                           Source: op-ed. Dictionary.com. Dictionary.com Unabridged. Random House, Inc. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/op-ed

    What Do I Do Now?

    Use the PSCI 210 Library Guide!!



    Draw a concept map

    Try your arguments on your roommates, friends

    Don't cite your sources in the paper, use footnotes

    Think of alternate words to describe your topic

    Try a book chapter!

    Don't Forget

    You can ask me for help:





    Writing an Op-Ed piece: PSCI210

    By Doralyn Rossmann

    Writing an Op-Ed piece: PSCI210

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