Testing components


  • Why test?
  • End-to-end tests
  • Testing style
  • Snapshot tests
  • Unit tests

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Why test?

My first react job...

Solution: tests

  • Check your application works
  • Easier debugging
  • Provides documentation
  • Less bugs


Testing 👌

Testing components is different to testing server side

We need new ideas

end-to-end tests


  • Test your whole application
  • Closest to manual testing
  • Easy to understand


  • Slow
  • Difficult to debug
  • Don't test style

Testing style

snapshot tests

snapshot tests check a component hasn't changed

Stop accidental style changes


  • Easy to setup
  • Covers a lot of code
  • Catches accidental style changes


  • Easy to add incorrect snapshots
  • Noisy

Unit tests

Benefits of unit tests

  • Granular
  • Run quickly
  • Easy to debug

Downsides of unit tests

  • Does not test integration of units

How to write unit tests for components?

Trigger input and expect output 


  • User actions
  • Props


  • Rendered markup
  • Events

Component contract

defines the expected behavior of your component and what assumptions are reasonable to have about its usage

Avoid testing implementation details

You can use classes in your tests


No integration tests

Testing Vue.js applications out now



Testing components

By Edd Yerburgh

Testing components

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