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6 xPub Systems


  • xpub-collabra
  • xpub-eLife
  • xpub-hindawi
  • xpub-epmc
  • xpub-wormbase
  • xpub-aperture



General News



  1. A new submission (by Author), goes first into QA.
  2. Staff person (admin for now) approves the QA.
  3. Manuscript goes to the EiC, who can reject or assign a HE.
  4. HE can then reject, revise, or assign reviewers (use any email for that).
  5. After receiving 2 reviews, the HE can then accept ( or reject, or revise).
  6. Manuscript goes back to the EiC for final approval
  7. ..and then one more time to QA.


By Adam Hyde

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