in the wild

Gordon Suttie
Head of Capgemini Digital Innovation Lab


in captivity!

We haven't quite launched yet.....

but we have done some neat stuff,
that you may be interested to hear about


Capgemini provides IT services and is one of the world's largest consulting, outsourcing and professional services companies with 125,110 employees in 48 countries


Capgemini Digital

What: A new business unit within the UK organisation
When: 1st January 2013
Why: focussed on digital delivery

Typical technologies used
  • Drupal
  • Salesforce
  • Radian6
  • Hybris
  • ...

But Gordon, this is an AngularJS meetup - get on track!

as a new digital organisation....

we formed a Digital Innovation Lab

Our Dev Stack

CSS3 : Zurb Foundation
Client side JS : AngularJS

Web API layer  : Node
JS Framework  : Spumko/HAPI
DB : Redis + MongoDB...
Cloud : Joyent - Smartmachines

and a ton of CI

CI build server:         Jenkins
                perftacular (for perfomance) - Karma / BottleneckJS
                Spumko/flod - testing HAPI performance between ver
                Node-JScoverage - code coverage
Task runner         Grunt
Test runner         Karma
Client testing         Jasmine
Server testing         Jasmine-node (misko)
Browser testing Sauce Labs

Build targets         Web
                Samsung SmartTV app

in future...         Chrome app
                Phonegap / Cordova phone apps
                other TV platforms (Opera TV etc.) TBD.

So why you do that?

We have spent a lot of time building a great development environment, with a highly automated workflow.... 

We are building

  1. SED project - "Social Enterprise Dashboard"
  2. IDM project - "An IdM platform"
  3. Salesforce Web Apps for Consumer
  4. Embeddable AngularJS apps..

Social enterprise dashboard

Entire front-end is AngularJS
deploys as a web app
deploys as a TV app

pulls data from a large number of API sources

uses the full stack just mentioned

IdM platform

Cloud Management Dashboard (AngularJS app)
Deployment of environments to the cloud
Joyent / AWS / Rackspace ...

User Management Application (AngularJS app)
login / logout / register / forgot password ...

consumer apps for salesforce


NodeJS on Heroku

Salesforce API

meets our client requirements
rapid prototyping...

Embeddable APPS

Just started work on this...

replacing LOADS of JQuery / JS

services API being re-used and extended

Embeddable AngularJS within large Drupal installation

Where are we now?

We <3 AngularJS

It's proving it's value daily...

We are going to do more, lots more...

setting AngularJS FREE!

A future presentation 

expect("AngularJS in the wild").toBeTruthy()

OBligatory Statement

We're Hiring!




By Gordon Suttie