CodePen Meetup NYC

April, 2015

Carl Schooff  |  |  @greensock

Today's Talk

  • Introduction
  • CodePen is awesome

  • GSAP and SVG

  • Free stuff

Who am I?

  • Carl Schooff, Geek Ambassador at GreenSock
  • I live and breathe the GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP)

  • Support, Documentation, Learning Resources, Training

What is GSAP?

  • Suite of high-performance JS animation tools
  • Recommended by Google
  • Used by major brands:

GSAP Highlights

  • Built for professionals, yet beginner friendly
  • Solves real-world problems (workflow, prefixing, SVG)

  • No dependencies (other libs or rendering layer)
  • Excels at complex, story-telling animations

GreenSock  CodePen

  • Editor of choice for 95% of what I do
  • Demos, docs, support, training
  • Love the social / sharing aspects

  • CodePen's support

Demo or it didn't happen

Demo or don't be surprised if it takes me a really long time to give you a vague guess of what the problem might be.


Wasted effort

Have a problem? Show us a pen

Wasted effort

No, really. A demo would be a big help.

CodePen: the new resume

Have a favorite? Heart it / Share it

Animating SVG with GSAP

transformOrigin issues: solved

Read full article on with demos and videos

SVG Animation and CSS Transforms: A Complicated Love Story



Fully control how SVG strokes are revealed 

Let's build this SVG Logo Animation

click logo to replay

A gift from GreenSock to all attendees

coupon code purposefully obfuscated


All GreenSock premium tools

are free to use on CodePen.








CodePen Meetup, April 2015

By GreenSock

CodePen Meetup, April 2015

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