Everything You Always Wanted to Know About


( But Were Afraid to Ask )

Just reading Meteor about page

Writing software is too hard and it takes too long. Meteor is a new way to write software and it's radically simple. With Meteor it's possible to build a prototype in a day or two, and a real production app in a few weeks. It makes everyday things easy. It's accessible to the maximum number of people.

Today to write a modern web application you need 3 things:

  • An API for the databases

    • PHP, Ruby, Java...
  • Some HTML for the views

    • Twig, Handlebars, Smarty...
  • And JavaScript to make it sexy

    • React, Angular, Ember...

What about starting with JavaScript ?

  • Never write the same data validation multiple times

  • Never code databases synchronisations

  • Never lose too much time to find a package

  • Configure a developer PC in a few minutes

  • Look at your code changes rendering in real time

 you will


it's only HTML...

and some real fast JavaScript

Thanks to node.js and V8


Graphic designers become developers and developers can deploy without a system administrator

( spoiler alert : the reverse might not be true )


It's just a new way to write client and server code at the same time. It keeps in sync part of the database in the client for instant rendering. It's data on the wire only.

magic ?

what are                  drawbacks ?

it's not fully ready to take over wordpress ( or is it ) but it's the best for any single page application

( and you can generate iOS and Android apps out of the box )

Is born in 2012 and has already $31 millions in funding after two series

( they are here to stay )

Install it in a couple minutes


and become a real time developer 

( during the download you can follow me @guidouil and now I recommend you go do the official tutorial and join the closest Meteor Meetup and if you don't already have a code editor of choice I will suggest Atom )

This presentation was inspired by @Rahul

Everything About Meteor

By Guillaume Darbonne

Everything About Meteor

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Meteor ( But Were Afraid to Ask )

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