Making time for things that matter

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Making time for things that matter

What this talk is not

What this talk is not

The hamster wheel

The hamster wheel

What's the alternative?

Be intentional

  1. Highlight
  2. Focus
  3. Energize
  4. Reflect

What should you do?

(Highlight pt. 1)

  • Take time to prioritize
  • Find the TODO list that works for you..
  • On fire, smoking, everything else
  • Have a dumping ground for thoughts
  • Keep a 'someday, maybe' list
  • Single source of truth
  • Don't get hung up on apps
  • Try a physical list

Finding time

(Highlight pt. 2)

  • Say no by default
  • Put off making decisions
  • Block your calendar
  • Schedule time for must dos
  • Cancel if you need to


Finding focus

Finding focus


Control your phone

(Not the other way around)

  • Try a distraction free phone
    • level 1: no social media
    • level 2: no infinity pools
    • level 3: no email
    • level 4: no web browser
  • Stay logged out
  • Turn off all notifications
  • Clear your homescreen
  • Wear a watch
  • Leave your phone behind

Avoid infinity pools

  • Don't check your phone first thing
  • Watch out for "justified" distractions
  • Pack your toys away
  • Create context when you work
  • Turn distractions back into tools

Slow down your inbox

  • Inbox zero is a fake win
  • Schedule time to deal with email
  • Don't look at email first thing
  • Filter all non human email
  • Reset people's expectations

Staying in the zone

  • "Shut the door"
  • Use a visible timer
  • Use a song or soundtrack
  • Keep a random question list
  • Be bored

Finding e

Finding energy


  • Exercise
    • 20 minutes a day
    • Don't aim for perfection
  • Eat real food
    • Less sugar, more veges
    • Don't eat in front of a screen
  • Optimize caffeine
  • Take real breaks
  • Sleep in a cave
  • Mind who you spend time with



Take time to reflect on how your life is working for you.

Thank you

Making time for things that matter

By Helen Durrant

Making time for things that matter

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