Joining Up The Dots

by @heydonworks

An apple blossom
Trembling on a sunlit branch
From the weight of bees.

— Richard Wright

I just talked to Jesus
He said, “What up Yeezus?”
I said “Shit I’m chillin’
Trying to stack these millions.”

— Kanye West (I Am A God)

wan  pale, weak, lacking in enthusiasm

Meaning is systemic


var shark;

Takeaway #1

Systems thinking discourages salad punching.


“Connecting up the dots”

— Working something out

“Joined-up thinking”

— Not just brain farts

Dialectical synthesis


“The synthesis solves the conflict between the thesis and antithesis by reconciling their common truths and forming a new thesis.”

git merge [branch]

"Current theory: almost everything awful about working in large organisations could be improved by better internal communications."
@Leisa (Leisa Reichelt, Digital Transformation Office)

English Language API




Has Angular
ever moved you
to tears?

var m = require('mathematics');

var ah = require('art-history');

var dt  = require('dog-training');

new stuff


Don’t Repeat Yourself

Book publishing is

  • Expensive
  • Therefore exclusive

Takeaway #3

You can’t read if you’re dead.


stupid, you get a warning for any element you try to make, buttons, icons fonts, etc sure it is useful when you want to make a very simple and unaesthetic page...


What is the HTML for your buttons? And your icon fonts?

Mainly bootstrap HTML.

Never heard of it.

The Web!

  • Infrastructure (cloud?)
  • Relational mappings
  • Hyperlinks



So: paywalls.
But what about sharing?

Takeaway #4

Fuck you, Rupert Murdoch.

Web Developmenters

<a href="/location">label</a>

Safe to use in your projects today!

you good

<a href="javascript:;">label</a>

(a) You're coding a button with the wrong element

(b) You're coding a link with the wrong technology


<button data-href="/location">label</button>

<a href="" target="_parent">
  <button>Click me !</button>
<button type="reset"
  <button formaction="">
Go to stackoverflow!

Are there any downsides to doing something like the following?

<a href="">
  <span class="button">label</span>
  • dev errors
  • third-party blocking
  • stalled download
  • firewall
  • CDN outage
  • RAM over capacity

Why JS fails


11% of Americans think HTML is a
sexually transmitted disease


<a href="javascript:;">label</a>

<button data-href="/location">label</button>

Unexpected behavior

“I don't think accessibility is something EVERY website should care about, it's a very specific demographic that very few websites should take into account.”

“Very specific demographic”

“Not average”

“Not me”



Takeaway #5

Make the content as radical as you like. But only the content.

Design culture

design then develop

design then develop

as you

design then develop

as you

deliberate; reason; justify

design then develop

as you

deliberate; reason; justify

manifesting that cognitive investment



The Two Cultures

The 1959 Rede Lecture
of scientist and novelist C.P.Snow


A truly rare creature...


  • Explains what they're working on and why
  • Asks others what they are doing and how they're doing it
  • Listens
  • Politely offers new perspectives and constructive criticism
  • Writes things down for others to read using words that make sense to them
  • Doesn't assume others implicitly know what's going on in their head
  • Thinks and talks about their role and how it might better contribute to the organization or project
  • Advocates for what they think will work, without resorting to aggression

Takeaway #14

Soft skills are hard.

Eliminating distraction

Being a hermit

We need to get
better at debate

The Luddite fallacy

“It’s new, so it must be better.”

The gospel fallacy

“We do it this way because we’ve always done it this way.”

“Slaves, in reverent fear of God submit yourselves to your masters, not only to those who are good and considerate, but also to those who are harsh.” — 1 PETER 2:18

The first fallacy does not require an unprovable conclusion in relation to the historical documents of the bible to be expressed. Simply concluding we have no evidence to trust the accuracy of a historical document does not prove we don't. In fact, the inference you draw using parts from the bible is a strawman. I'm guessing you are not interested in understanding the hermeneutical lense in which you have to read historical documents, but from an academic perspective, you don't have the correct meaning. Unless you are willing to do the work and get the correct meaning from the author I'd remove your unproven opinions on the bible.

More comment fun

— A few comments later —

I'll assume, we can end the topic of scholarly hermeneutics and textual criticism. I'm ok moving on to the argument of evil and morality since you brought it up. But I'm thinking you might not be interested in discourse just rhetorical devices. Which is fine. I don't want to cloud the comments of the post with a completely off topic dialogue. But I must suggest, if there is no objective morality what difference does it make if God is even the most evil psychopath ever. It simply doesn't. You can't indirectly claim God is ridiculous and then use an objective morality provided by a God to then show the absurdity of God. That won't logically work.

Who's your favourite Thundercat?


Any of the characters who fought for the Code of Thundera (i.e. an objective set of good standards worth propagating and dying over).


When we’re joined up,
our work is joined up.

When our work’s joined up,
we’re joined up.

Theres a term...

  • Refuse to get along with others
  • Suspicious of collectivism
  • Insist on others doing things their way
  • Overestimate their own abilities
  • Act like spoilt, entitled brats



(with apologies to Scotland)

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