code retreat

by Ian Randall


corey haines

Software Journeyman

45 minute coding sessions

"A musician that only played on stage would not get too many along to their concerts"

Take a principle

  • "Good methods are short"

  • "Encapsulating primitives is good"

Turn it up to 11

  • No method can have more than 2 lines

  • No primitives can go across boundaries

some constraints

Always the same problem domain:

Pair programming

but did you notice?

no constraint over things like:


lots of games

future me

Who the fuck wrote this test?

What the fuck were they thinking?

*oh, it was me

evil coder

Well the test goes green...

again, again?

Global Day of Code Retreat

December 8th, 2012



code retreat

By ianr

code retreat

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