Bridging the

technology Gap

Welcome to a new day

Teens have surpassed all other age groups in their use of connected devices (e.g., smartphone, Xbox, iPod and laptop).

While the rest of us have adopted technology as a convenient new tool to make life easier, today’s teens have embraced it as a way of life.

How are your technology skills?

How does this change affect us?

Children's absorption in technology, from texting to playing video games, does by their very nature limit their availability to communicate with their parents.

As digital immigrants, parents can struggle to gain proficiency and comfort with the new technology that their digital-native children have already mastered.

Computer and mobile technology have provided children with an independence in their communications with friends and others.

How do we keep up?

How do we keep them safe?

How do we help them?

Savvy is as Savvy Does

Empower Them

Show and Tell

Look for opportunities


Google It

But Do It Effectively


CommonSense Media

School A-Z



Atomic Learning



Bridging the technology Gap

By ihancock

Bridging the technology Gap

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