Terrell Russell, Ph.D.


Executive Director, iRODS Consortium

Consortium Update

Consortium Update

July 5-8, 2022

iRODS User Group Meeting 2022

Leuven, Belgium

The iRODS Consortium

Our Mission

  • Continuous Improvement
  • Grow the Community
  • Standardization
  • Show value to our Membership

The iRODS Consortium

Our History

  • Founded in 2013 by RENCI, DICE, and DDN
  • Accepted the code base in 2014
  • Forty one releases of iRODS to date

Our Membership









Since iRODS UGM 2021

  • 25 Membership Renewals
  • 5 New Members
  • 6 New Service Contracts
  • Multiple Proofs of Concept
  • 19 Conferences and Events
  • 1 New Executive Director
  • 1 New Chief Technologist

Since iRODS UGM 2021 - New Membership

  • Anonymous
  • Emagine IT (EIT)
  • Omnibond
  • CSIR (South Africa)
  • InfiniteTactics

2021-2022 Working Groups

Technology Working Group

  • Goal: To keep everyone up to date, provide a forum for roadmap discussion and collaboration opportunities
    • All iRODS Consortium Membership


Metadata Templates Working Group

  • Goal: To define a standardized process for the application and management of metadata templates by the iRODS Server
    • NIEHS, Utrecht, Maastricht, Arizona / CyVerse


Authentication Working Group

  • Goal: To provide a more flexible authentication mechanism to the iRODS Server
    • SURF, NIEHS, Sanger, Arizona / CyVerse, IT4Innovation, Utrecht, KU Leuven

S3 Working Group

  • Goal: To develop tools to present iRODS as S3-compatible storage to existing S3 clients
    • Arizona / CyVerse, NIEHS



Imaging Working Group

  • Goal: To provide a standardized suite of imaging policies and practices for integration with existing tools and pipelines
    • New York University, Santa Clara University, UC San Diego, NIEHS, Harvard, Arizona / CyVerse, Open Microscopy Environment (OMERO), UNC Neuroscience Microscopy Core, KU Leuven, Maastricht, NYU Langone, UMass Medical, Netherlands Cancer Institute, Sanger, UCSC, Crick (UK), U. Osnabrück, CRS4 (Italy), RIKEN (Japan)

Organized community efforts to standardize protocols, technologies, and methodologies

2021-2022 Efforts

  • Development of Localized User Groups
    • Global community requires local sustainability


  • Restarting travel and presence


  • Broaden focus with multiple partnerships
    • Globus
    • Pacific Teck
    • EIT
    • CSIR
    • ThinkParQ
    • InfiniteTactics


  • ​Multiple RENCI proposals

Our Business Model

Start with proof of concept

  • Use Case Driven
  • Hands on
  • Service and Support Contracts


Consortium Membership

  • Four Levels - $10k to $150k
  • 10 to 300 hours of support
  • Participation in Software roadmap
  • Discounted hourly rate


Tier 3 Support

  • Systems Integrators
  • Compute Vendors
  • Storage Vendors


Thank you!

UGM 2022 - Consortium Update

By iRODS Consortium

UGM 2022 - Consortium Update

iRODS User Group Meeting 2022 - Consortium Update

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