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OSS Heroes

by Khairil Iszuddin Ismail


Khairil Iszuddin Ismail (Dino) is not Malaysia's OSS Hero.

- cheapskate that leeches on OSS
- sells (e)books from (do come by)
- Supreme Dictator of (self-proclaimed)

Through the power of networking, reading, Googling and online stalking, posseses the ability to track down Malaysia's OSS Heroes.

Revealing the Indentities of Five Malaysia's OSS Heroes Among Us

Mior Muhammad Zaki

PHP Expert, Laravel Contributor, Orchestra Platform Creator

Mior Muhammad Zaki is one of the top contributor to Laravel, the hippest PHP framework right now. He also develops and maintains an admin and backend platform for Laravel called Orchestra Platform, which too is open sourced and available on Github. Mior now works from home where he juggles his professional work for and also being a stay-at-home-dad.



the green squares shows how much coding he's done

Orchestra Platform

Currently Works at Katsana

Chatting with Laravel Founder, Taylor Otwell

And here goes some discussion about Laravel vs Phalcon

Also a Stay-at-Home-Dad

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Colin Charles

Database Programmer, MariaDB Contributor

Colin Charles worked on MySQL before Oracle bought over Sun Microsystems. Later on, MySQL was forked as MariaDB and took a life of its own. And of course, Colin is on the MariaDB team. Colin Charles is huge in the world of MySQL and MariaDB having developed a lot of components in the core software as well as third party tools and plugins. He travels around the world to events and meetups and has took the stage on many occasions talking about high availability, security and more. When not programming, he will take a luxury vacation with his family.

Blogging on

MariaDB Team Member

Currently works at

Posing at an event with Chicks

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Syamil MJ

Wordpress Guy, Envato Enthusiast, Options Framework (WP Plugin)

Syamil MJ studied Marine Engineering, which explains his love for wind surfing and swimming. He was customizing his eBay page which forced him to learn HTML and later on picked up PHP and Wordpress. Not being satisfied with what he sees in the Wordpress themes, he developed some of his own plugins to support his own themes. These plugins are used by many, who went on to do greater things and achieve great success like being a millionaires on You can check his Github and see the many stars he gets.

check out the stars

When not programming...

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Azrul Rahim

Joomla Guy, Offiria, Angel Investor

Azrul Rahim developed a PalmOS app in 2004. And later developed plugins and add-ons for Joomla. From that success, he went on build a team and developed JomSocial, a social networking platfrom based on Joomla. Later Azrul exited from JomSocial and started looking for other ventures that he can invests in. His work in OSS, though commercial in nature, abide by all GPL requirements and is loved by Joomla users all over the world.

Azrul also developed Offiria, an enterprise social network for collaboration and productivity, also based on Joomla and is available as open source community edition.

First Malaysian Mobile Dev ...maybe?

2004 developing PalmOS

Products on Joomla CMS

Offiria... Community Version Available

$$$ Ask Him for Money $$$

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Redhuan Daniel Oon

ADEmpiere (ERP) Project Leader, World Wanderer

Redhuan Daniel Oon is huge in the world of ERP. He forked Compiere as ADEmpiere in 2006 when the original project was sold to a new US owner. From there on, along with contributors all over the world, ADEmpiere is regarded as the free SAP for enterprises. Redhuan is pretty much a wanderer, traveling the world without prior plans and itinerary. He enjoys traveling and has been to many countries, mostly promoting open source software, ERP and programming as a career.

ADEmpiere - Project Leader


In the Press

Rocking it with Pelikat in Cameroon

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Malaysia's OSS Heroes

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Thanks to our Heroes

Mior Muhammad Zaki, Colin Charles, Syamil MJ, Redhuan D. Oon, Azrul Rahim

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Malaysia's OSS Heroes

By Iszuddin Ismail

Malaysia's OSS Heroes

Presented at Malaysia's Open Source Conference on 25 September 2014.

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