Scratch Across The Curriculum

By James Abela

What is Scratch?

Why Scratch?

  • Calculation Tools
  • Animation Tools
  • Story Telling
  • Graphical Coding Language
    (More flexibility & less mistakes)
  • Huge library of projects
  • Studios (Like a playlist)
  • Online or Offline - Your choice
  • Every project can be remixed

Educational Site too...

What can it be used for?

& Science Functions



  • Search for games & materials
    • Projects to present
    • Examples for students to remix
    • ideas
  • Try different keywords
  • You can choose a few projects & add studios
  • Ask on the forums 

Not quite what you want

Feel free to go inside and remix it!


Don't be scared!

Plenty of help

Deep Dive into Scratch!

  • Search the ocean of Scratch resources
  • Make a studio of your new treasures
  • Grab ready made lesson plans

"Awesome stuff James. Thanks heaps for sharing. Platformer games are really popular with young people in our workshop. " Peter Mahoney


  • BRONZE LEVEL Studio full of great resources
  • SILVER LEVEL Remix a simple project
  • GOLD LEVEL Make a project from Scratch

Scratch Across the Curriculum

By James Abela

Scratch Across the Curriculum

This is the introduction to my Scratch and how it can be used across the curriculum in a wide range of subjects.

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