February 3, 2021

Pacific Teck - Riken


Jason Coposky


Executive Director, iRODS Consortium

Pacific Teck - Riken

iRODS Update

Pacific Teck - Riken

iRODS Update

iRODS 4.2.9 Roadmap (Very Soon)

  • 51 issues, 31 bugs
  • Intermediate replicas
  • Logical Locking
  • Rule execution context (reiFiles) migrated to catalog

iRODS 4.3.0 Roadmap (Approximately June)

  • 110 issues, 42 bugs
  • Clang format
  • New logger (rsyslog or stdout)
  • irodsDelayServer refactoring / with implicit remote()
  • Support for Ubuntu20 and CentOS8
  • GenQuery reimplemented in flex/bison
  • Unified server_config.json
  • New authentication plugin framework
  • Python3 support (control scripts and Python rule engine plugin)

iRODS S3 presented OCS Testing

  • General testing has been successful, test suite passed
  • Errors encountered when the storage provider throttled uploads due to the number of connections
  • Similar behavior was exhibited by Amazon
  • Added a configurable, local throttle to number of connections for a given iRODS storage resource
  • Consider the following to fan out uploads
    • multiple buckets, identities and/or servers

Automated Ingest - Scale out filesystem scanning

Storage Tiering - Metadata Driven Data Movement

Zone Management Tool

Metalnx - Client Web Interface


Pacific Teck - Riken iRODS Update

By jason coposky

Pacific Teck - Riken iRODS Update

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