What KIND OF Troll?

One definition is people that love to get into arguments on the Internet

A second definition is an individual or group engaged in collecting money from unsuspecting victims for "crimes" they did not even know they may have committed.  (see Patent Trolls, Image Trolls)

First thing:

Copyright exists the moment a piece (photo) is published in a fixed form.

Where to source Images

  1.  Shoot your own images
  2. Hire a photographer*
  3. Find Public Domain photos*
  4. Use "Microstock" but...*


If hiring a still photographer, be sure to get a "work for hire" agreement that provides you with ownership of the images.

If you use public domain sites, be sure to examine the rights closely and document your source. (And even then you are not 100% guaranteed to be cleared.)

The largest trolls

  • Getty Images
  • Masterfile

Note: If you decide to purchase stock be aware that Getty Images owns iStockPhoto and Jupiter Images.

I recommend DepositPhotos.com (who have presented for our group  previously) and Pond5.com.

Of course for MOVING stock images, I highly recommend Artbeats, a  DDLA sponsor.

Additional Steps

If you host sites for others, or if your site has a way for others to post content, it is worth it to register to become a DMCA agent.

Costs $105 – But you have "safe harbor" if clients or visitors infringe. The copyright holder must issue a DMCA takedown notice.


If you get a Demand Letter

Visit: http://extortionletterinfo.com


By Jerry Witt


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