Visit to Sam Sing Laundry: Living Quarters 

Scenes in Making 2012 RTHK-TV Documentary

Sam Sing Laundry Front Window

Producer Annie Yau & Crew with Jon Wong

Annie Yau Analyzes Set-up

Part of Living Quarters

Another Part of Living Quarters

Jon and Annie Plan Shot

Mrs. Wong In the kitchen

Albert's Wife Observes Filming

A Storage Section

Ancestral Wall

Descendant Achievements Wall

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The  45 min. episode covers both  Chinese laundries and restaurants.
The section on Sam Sing Laundry runs from the 8:32 mark to 9:55 mark.

 A Visit to Sam Sing Laundry: Part 2 

By Yin & Yang Press

 A Visit to Sam Sing Laundry: Part 2 

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