What's New in Java 8?

Feature Sets and Examples

By: Justin Dragos






The Shiny Stuff

  • New Time & Date APIs
  • Default Methods on Interfaces
  • Collections Improvements
  • Repeating Annotations
  • Method Parameter Reflections
  • Lambda Expressions
  • Method References
  • Security Improvements
  • Concurrency Improvements
  • Removal of PermGen

Date / Time APIs

New date/time APIs live in the java.time package

  • No more operating on longs to deal with time
  • (Joda Time)-like APIs for operations
  • Everything is immutable
  • Designed to be more easily testable
  • More intuitive classes
  • Based on the ISO calendar specs

The Local News

Java 8 introduces local times that don't hold a UTC offset. Since they don't hold a UTC offset these cannot be converted into seconds since the epoch (java.util.Date)


  • LocalTime – 10:15:30
  • LocalDate - 2007-12-03
  • LocalDateTime –  2007-12-03T10:15:30

I'm Slightly Offset

Offsets and instants are much closer foundationally to java.util.Date as they all represent an absolute point in time.


  • Instant – represents seconds since the epoch
  • OffsetTime – 10:15:30+0100
  • OffsetDateTime – 2007-12-03T10:15:30+0100


We also now have a concept of spans of time. This can be represented in two ways:

  • Duration – a time based amount, like 3.5 seconds
  • Period – a date based amount of time like 2 years, 3 months, and 4 days.

The Other Mentionables

  • Clock - allows you to change what now() returns
  • Year - simple year object (no messing with calendar)
  • YearMonth
  • ZoneId - human readable time zones 
Clock marchFifth = Clock.fixed(Instant.now(), ZoneId.of("America/Phoenix"));

Date/Time Examples


Bravely Default

Multiple Inheritance finally comes to java! Interfaces can now have default implementations of their methods. This allows you to:

  • Add functionality to old interfaces without breaking
  • Use methods to create compositional mixins
  • Add robust methods to functional interfaces 
  • Be very confused about where methods are coming from

Collection Amplification

Since collections no longer has to worry about breaking all Java code ever written, they enhanced the APIs!

  • Steaming APIs
  • Spliterators
  • Merge Functions
  • Lots of Map Improvements

Diamonds Are Forever


int bounceHeight(int)


int bounceHeight(int)


int bounceHeight(int)



Default Method Examples


I Love My Reflection

  • Multiple Annotations
  • Method Parameter Reflection
  • Pluggable Type Checkers

Reflection Examples







The Closure Disclosure

Closures come to Java! … Mostly.


A lambda expression is an anonymous method implementation for a functional interface.


So… that’s weird for Java, what do those things mean?

Let's Get Functional

A functional interface is an interface that has one and only one method without a default implementation (i.e. one truly abstract method)

public interface Filterable<T> {
    void filter(T item);
public interface Filterable<T> {
    void filter(T item);

    default T filter(T item){
        return item;

Lambda's Anatomy

Alright, lets break it down:

(sayWhat) -> { System.out.println("I said "+ sayWhat); }

(sayWhat) : names the input params for the lambda expression

-> : separates the parameter declaration from the method body

{ ... } : the body of the lambda expression

Lambda Examples

  • CallBacker.java
  • Filterable.java
  • IntToStringTransformer.java
  • MutableCar.java
  • PrintValues.java
  • LambdaTest.java

The Other Stuff

  • Concurrency Improvements
    • Collections support for functional concurrency
    • New lock and future classes
  • Security Updates
    • Stronger TLS
    • Kerberos 5
    • Stronger password based encryption
  • PermGen is gone!
  • Nashorn JavaScript Engine - Run JavaScript natively!

That's All Folks!

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Java 8

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