What is a URL?

Uniform Resource Locator
A web address
That thing that starts with http://

Give an example of a Control Structure? 

If / Else
For / While / DoWhile


What is the length of the following array?

var items = ['sword', 'shield', 'tunic'];

3 is the length of the array.

What does the following code do?

var score = 0;

Creates a variable named score.
Assigns a value of 0 to score.

score is the name of variable.
0 is the value of the variable. 

Which message will appear on the screen?

var score = 9;
if (score >= 10) {
alert('You Win!')
else {
alert('Your Score is: ' + score);

Your Score is: 9

CSEd Memphis Pop Quiz

By Justin Geeslin

CSEd Memphis Pop Quiz

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