Node.js Bots with Azure Workshop

MinneWebCon 2018

Kamran Ayub

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The goal today

At a high level

  • Create a Node.js bot
  • Make it say "Hello"
  • Make it understand intents
  • Make it do stuff

What's a bot?

  • Automated
  • Dialog-based
  • Just another UI

Why build one?

  • Automate tasks
  • Answer user questions
  • Convenient and accessible

What does azure provide?

  • Azure AI Platform
    • Bot Service
    • Cognitive Services (LUIS)
    • Machine Learning
  • Microsoft Bot Builder SDK




LUIS grammar

  • Intents - what does a user want to do?
  • Entities - what is the user talking about?
  • Utterances - what did the user say?
  • Conversation - series of interactions that might be related

Node.js Bots with Azure Workshop

By Kamran Ayub

Node.js Bots with Azure Workshop

Workshop slides, originally given at MinneWebCon 2018

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