Node.js Bots with Azure

MN Azure UG 2018

Kamran Ayub

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The goal today

At a high level

  • Create a Node.js bot
  • Make it say "Hello"
  • Make it understand intents
  • Make it do stuff

What's a bot?

  • Automated
  • Dialog-based
  • Just another UI

Why build one?

  • Automate tasks
  • Answer user questions
  • Convenient and accessible

What does azure provide?

  • Azure AI Platform
    • Bot Service
    • Cognitive Services (LUIS)
    • Machine Learning
  • Microsoft Bot Builder SDK




LUIS grammar

  • Intents - what does a user want to do?
  • Entities - what is the user talking about?
  • Utterances - what did the user say?
  • Conversation - series of interactions that might be related

Node.js Bots with Azure Talk

By Kamran Ayub

Node.js Bots with Azure Talk

Talk slides, originally given at Twin Cities Azure Meetup Sep 2018

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