Airship CMS

What is Airship?

It's an API-driven content management platform for rapid web development.

Why another CMS?

We wanted a flexible CMS that than co-exist with a variety of developer workflows.

Who is it for?


Content Editors

Web Developers

Priority: Allow for flexible layouts, unconstrained by modules and templates.


Designer-Devs: Web Designers that also know a bit of CSS, and possibly some Javascript. Up to this point, they probably have to "design around" Wordpress and Shopify templates, though they would love more freedom to design custom websites.

Priorities: local development, easy source code management. an API. command line tools.


Airship takes care of the backend infrastructure for a project, so developers can architect and iterate rapidly without spending time on the 90% CRUD that is often the same for every single web and web application.

Priority: Simplicity.

Content Editors

Let's Get Started!

View Your Project


Modify/Add Users

You were given a demo login. Change it to add secure credentials and add other users.


Orange: Only Devs
Blue: Devs & Admins
Green: Shop Stuff

Install the CLI Tools

Mac & Linux

Login, Land, and Serve Your Project Locally

Instructions are on your demo page:


Make a change to the root.html template. Save. Launch.

You have launched.

Go forth and build.
Add SCM. Build a SPA, add node, gulp, phaser, pixi.

Save time. Build Faster.

Airship works well with teams. Work with other devs, debug locally, publish rapidly.

Airship CMS

Airship CMS

By Kelli Borgonia

Airship CMS

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