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Using redis-helper & ipython in the command-line



Why Redis?

  • super fast in-memory database used by many companies large and small
  • it is a "data structure server", so we can make use of efficient operations on a variety of fundamental data structures
    • hash
    • set
    • sorted set
    • list
    • pub sub

Some Redis Commands


  • hash: hmset, hget, hmget, hgetall, hincrby
  • set: sadd, srem, scard, smembers, sinterstore, sunionstore
  • sorted set: zadd, zrem, zcard, zrange, zrangebyscore, zinterstore
  • list: lpush, lpop, rpush, rpop, llen

Why ipython?

  • awesome Python interpreter
  • tab-completion
  • syntax highlighting as you type
  • you can embed it in your programs

Why redis-helper?

  • low learning curve
  • minimal boilerplate
  • easy to configure
  • very fast
  • one-line model definitions
  • easy to integrate in existing APIs
  • simplifies data access patterns
  • gather data or count metrics at multiple time ranges (at once)
  • built to explore in the shell


  • modify your ~/.config/redis-helper/settings.ini file
  • create an instance of redis_helper.Collection
  • use the add method to add an item to the collection
  • use the get method to get some data about an item in the collection
  • use the update method to update/modify data for a particular item in the collection
  • use the delete method to delete an item from the collection
  • use the index_field_info method to get information about the indexed fields in the collection
  • use the find method to filter through indexed fields to find matching items


Lightning Prototyping

By Kenneth Wade

Lightning Prototyping

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