AngularJS 1.3

One-time data binding

Two Way Data Binding

It's what makes using Angular so easy!
  Hello {{yourName}}. You are {{yourAge}}!
  Your Name: <input ng-model="yourName">
  Your Age: <input ng-model="yourAge">

AngularJS Performance

$digest   and   $$watchers

Too long...


It'll surprise you...

Enter One Time Binding

Example Usages

$scope.$watch('::doACalculation()', watchListener);

<div ng-repeat="person in ::people"> <!-- people is boundonce... -->
  {{person.age}} <!-- not bound once... -->

Demo Time!

How bad is it?
And how to use it?


The magic commit

Speeding up AngularJS apps with simple optimizations by Todd Motto

bindonce module by Pasvaz



Kent C. Dodds


By Kent C. Dodds


Utilizing Angular 1.3 one time binding functionality

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