Don't Solve Problems

Eliminate Them

Kent C. Dodds

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What this talk is

  • Problems, Solutions, and Trade-offs
  • Solving < Eliminating < Avoiding

Don't Solve Problems. Eliminate Them.

What this talk is not

  • Code examples
  • 100% about code
  • Domain-specific

Don't Solve Problems. Eliminate Them.


Problem Tree

Problems lead to solutions lead to problems

You are a problem solver

You are a problem seeker


"Possibly the most common error of a smart engineer is to optimize the thing that should not exist" – Elon Musk

It's better to avoid problems than to solve them.

Avoidance Problem Tree

Unavoidable Problems

You should be a problem eliminator

Solutions hold you captive

Problems "solved"

  • Exhaust
  • Stopping
  • Car Fires
  • Sustainability

Problems Eliminated


  • Exhaust
  • Stopping
  • Car Fires
  • Sustainability

Elimination Problem Tree

Tesla's Giga Casting

Problem Elimination

In software

React and Code Reuse

    {render => props}</Chart> ?

withChart(HOC) ?

From "Thinking in React Hooks" by Amelia Wattenberge


Nested Routing

Seamless Client/Server

Web Foundation

Simple Mutations

CSS Loading *and* Unloading


Eliminate big problems in exchange for smaller problems.



< Eliminating

< Avoiding

If you can't avoid the problem, try to eliminate it by changing your approach.

And only if that fails, solve the problem.

Thank you!

Don't Solve Problems, Eliminate Them.

By Kent C. Dodds

Don't Solve Problems, Eliminate Them.

Humans are natural problem solvers and we're good enough at it that we've survived over the centuries and become the dominant species of the planet. Because we're so good at it, we sometimes become problem seekers too–looking for problems we can solve. Those who most successfully accomplish their goals are the problem eliminators. Let's talk about the distinction between solving and eliminating problems with examples from inside and outside the coding world.

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