Angular 2

Built for Huge, Long-Lasting Applications

Kent C. Dodds


1 wife, 2 kids

Alianza, Inc.



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What this talk is not

  • Battle of the frameworks
  • Comparison to Angular 1 (mostly)
  • Exactly how Angular 2 will look when complete...
  • Demo of building a large Angular 2 app at scale
  • Given by an Angular 2 expert

What this talk is

  • Live coding demo of an Angular 2 app
  • A demo of features like components, templates, services, etc.
  • Given by an Angular 2 beginner


  • ES6
  • Web Components
  • Types (optional)
  • Testability


  • Modularity
  • Explicit Dependencies
  • Change Detection
  • Immutability


Thank You!


By Kent C. Dodds


Introduction to Angular 2. Let's build something together.

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