Welcome to the Anthropocene?

(Did) We Accidentally a New Geological Epoch(?)


33C3 proposal – bullet points will be slides, links are likely sources

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  • too gloomy

This talk

About me

  • studied biochemistry, arctic ecology & geology

  • worked in tech support of software startup

  • drifted towards lab automation


Geological Ages

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human activity


  • status
  • climate trajectories
  • breaking the rebound effect
  • geoengineering?

Climate Trajectories: Choose now!

Scientifically interesting vs. socially challenging

Working Group on the 'Anthropocene' (AWG)

AWG origins

  • Bullet One
  • Bullet Two
  • Bullet Three
  • What are "Golden Spikes"?

Consequences & Choices


  • New geological epoch? Probably!
  • Accidentally? No!
  • "Welcome" is on us!


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