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Change your theme, but, keep your business

We Are Creatures of Habit

First off, we are creatures.

We have needs

We need to eat, and so we eat.

We like to chat with one another

...and so we do

We take turns and finish our conversations gracefully.

The list goes on...

How on Earth do we get all of this done?

That's where habits come in.

Habits help us through our day.

This, habbit thing...

Goes for IT, as well

People Resist Change

Remember the left floated websites?

I used to love those!

You can laugh now, but it was cool!

March 2015

Head-hunted by Devana

Customer Happiness Engineer

WPSerbia involvement


Ultimate Dashboard

Running on WordPress

One Theme

Theme v5

Hundreds of thousands of customers

Thousands of paying customers

Orion was in development stage

Orion Beta

Income = MWP1

Growth + Design + Milan

Brainstorm room


Writing down ideas

Growth team


...supported by numbers!

Design team

Re-brand everything

...as smooth as possible


Analyze v5

Deep-scan the code


Rewrite everything.


One change at a time


Joined dev team

All Web assets


Theme v6

Growth team

Give up on unnecessary things.


To be prepared is half the victory.


Design team

Website workflow

Heavily based on Sage


Staging environment

  • Highly recommended

  • Everyone can track the process

  • It's a must these days.

Replica of the current website

Real content


Inline styling within post content

Images issues

Overall experience


July 12th, 2016

Update staging environment with the latest content

Prepare everything

New plugins needed?

Test your deployment procedure

Write down steps

Do not skip steps

No coding on the deployment day

Get some rest, if possible, of course

Once the deployment starts

Make yourself comfortable

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst


  • Plan everything!

  • Hope for the best!

  • Shut up & hit Activate :)


$20 coupon


Milan Ivanovic


WordCamp Kyiv 2016

By Milan Ivanović

WordCamp Kyiv 2016

I would like to share my story how I wrote a new theme for managewp.com from scratch. Going to describe the whole process from early stages to the final switch: how we had to go easy with the changes, on how we slowly were updating UX and how we led all our clients into a new design. All the stress, pressure, and high feeling after everything were done.

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