DockerCon Europe




16-18 Oct 2017









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DockerCon Europe




16-18 Oct 2017

DockerCon Europe




16-18 Oct 2017

Docker Community Leaders

Because Meetup Organizer was too restrictive regarding the job achieved.







More detail here



Mainly business oriented: MTA (Modernize Traditional Applications)


  • From legacy to cloud
  • Rex MTA
  • How good is MTA



Main announcement:                   


Kubernetes as orchestrator



  • Community theater: 20 minutes
  • Main rooms: 40 mins



  • Docker staff
  • Sponsors
  • Community members


Very different level, from ultra basics to black belt (some people cried).

Lot of Docker EE / MTA talks

Talks Overview

  • Rockstars, builders and janitors
  • Integrating CERN software distribution with Docker
  • Docker on windows
  • Istio
  • Kubernetes in Docker




Moby Summit

In parallel of the Entreprise Summit


A full day dedicated to the Moby community


Ultra fast overview of Moby projects


BOF on dedicated projects

  • LinuxKit:

      A toolkit for building secure, portable and lean operating systems for containers

  • InfraKit:

      A toolkit for creating and managing declarative, self-healing infrastructure.

  • SwarmKit:

      A toolkit for orchestrating distributed systems at any scale. It includes primitives for node discovery, raft-based consensus, task scheduling and more.

  • BuildKit:

      Concurrent, cache-efficient, and Dockerfile-agnostic builder toolkit

Lot of kit(t)

DockerCon "à la française"

Nutanix&Treeptik breakfast

French lunch with Solomon Hykes&Patrick Chanezon, interesting open discussion:

  • Swarm => no EOL, dev ongoing, security better than K8S
  • Storage => unify, nothing proposed yet because they want to have a real good solution instead of proposing what is already proposed by many companies.
  • Open sourcing products is not so easy, full product are not welcome
  • How to maintain Startup spirit in such a company:
    • Very hard, part of the reason of docker EE/CE
    • “Il faut planifier la protection de la culture de la bidouille”
    • “I am still there…” 


DockerCon EU 2017 - Worldline Expert feedbacks

By Loïc Rodier

DockerCon EU 2017 - Worldline Expert feedbacks

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