Fly Ranch in 2018


1. Introduction & Overview

2. Public Access

3. Inventory & Infrastructure

4. Get involved

1.1 2016 purchase of 3.8K acres

1.2 Background

What would it mean to have a year-round location beyond the playa? What if we had a place to experiment with and apply the Ten Principles 365 days a year, in addition to the one-week event?

1.3 Mental Models

Space Gatherings Projects
Hot Spring Healing center Farm
Garden Camping Agriculture center
Wildlife preserve  Conservation Native plants
Communal living Design challenges Maker space
Desert art hub Sculpture park Energy park
Education BWB, schools Innovation space

2. Engagement

2.1 Nature Walks & Locals Days

2.2 Eight work weekends 

2.3 RAPID decisions

  • Recommend (People with idea they want to execute)
  • Agree (Stipulate who needs to agree to plan)
  • Performance (What are we doing, and who is doing it?)
  • Input (Engage relevant stakeholders in decision)
  • Decision (Commit organizational resources 

3. Inventory & Infrastucure

3.1 Geyser research

3.2 Environmental Survey

  • 126 Plant Varieties

  • 85 Bird Varieties

  • 29 Mammal, Reptile or Insect Varieties

3.3 Invasive plants

3.4 Composting toilets

3.5 solar array, batteries, inverter

3.8 Banya

3.9 Narwhal 

3.10 The Pier

4. Get involved

  • Geyser guardians
  • Walk guides
  • Work weekends



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