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{why do web apps need data?}

{what types of data storage?}

json object

    "dateSearched": "1986-10-15T07:00:00.000Z",
    "city": "Phoenix",
    "agency": "phoenix police",
    "outcome": "Killed",
    "shots": null,
    "victim": {
      "name": "David Valenzuela",
      "age": "24",
      "gender": "Male"

Relational database

Relational database

The cloud!

The cloud!

Distributed File System (DFS)

class credits first_name last_name major
info343 5 Alan Martinez Sociology
info343 5 Beth Kursh History
info344 4 Negin ​Dahl Math
info344 4 Alan Martinez Sociology
class_id credits
info343 5
info344 4
student_id first_name last_name major
987249 Alan Martinez Sociology
242434 Beth Kursh History



{pre-defined schema}

{how will we do data storage?}

Schema-less data store

Save data objects (key-value pairs)

Define classes (tables) on the fly

Saves your data in the cloud

Built for CRUD apps (create, read, update, delete)

{sign-up for an account at}

{fork and clone this repo!}

{start running a local server}

cd Desktop/parse-intro
python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080
# See page at localhost:8080

What we'll build

Set up

Create a new app on

Include the Parse library in your index.html

Initialize your application (in js), using ID and app token

<script src="//"></script>
Parse.initialize("application-id", "javascript-key");

Build your form in HTML

{some parse syntax}

Creating data

Extend the core Parse Object

Create a new instance of this class

var ToDo = Parse.Object.extend('ToDo')
var toDoItem = new ToDo()

Create your class

// Initialize app

// Create a new sub-class of the Parse.Object, with name "Music"

// Create a new instance of your Music class 

Object properties

Set properties of your object

Get properties of your object

toDoItem.set('importance', 'high')
toDoItem.get('importance') // returns 'high'

Saving data

Built in methods for saving to data-store

The short version

The long version, {
  success: function(todo) {
    // Execute any logic after the object is saved.
    alert('New object created with objectId: ' +;
  error: function(todo, error) {
    // Execute any logic that should take place if the save fails.
    alert('Failed, with error code: ' + error.message);

Set properties, save data

// Create a new sub-class of the Parse.Object, with name "Music"

// Create a new instance of your Music class 

// Set a property 'band' equal to a band name

// Set a property 'website' equal to the band's website

// Set a property 'song' equal to a song

// Save your instance of your song -- and go see it on!

{now make it flexible!}

Save data with form inputs

// Click event when form is submitted
$('form').submit(function() {

	// Create a new instance of your Music class 

	/* For each input element, set a property of your
             new instance equal to the input's value */

	/* After setting each property, 
            save your new instance back to your database */

	return false

Querying data

Create a new Parse query for your class

Set parameters for your query

Use .find to execute your query

var query = new Parse.Query(ToDo);
query.equalTo('importance', 'high')
	success:function(results) {
		// Do something with your array of results

Query your data from parse

// Write a function to get data
var getData = function() {

	// Set up a new query for our Music class

	/* Set a parameter for your query -- 
        where the website property isn't missing */

	/* Execute the query using ".find".  When successful,
	   pass the returned data into your buildList function

buildList function

// A function to build your list
var buildList = function(data) {
    // Empty out your unordered list

    /* Loop through your data, and 
       pass each element to the addItem function */


addItem function

// This function takes in an item, adds it to the screen
var addItem = function(item) {
	/* Get parameters (website, band, song) 
            from the data item passed to the function */

	// Append li that includes text from the data item

	/* Time pending, create a button that removes the 
        item on click */


CRUD Challenge (due next week)


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