Writing productivity

Dr. Michael Rifenburg
Department of English
CTLL Faculty Fellow for Scholarly Writing

A comfort

"Productive writers don't have special gifts or special traits--they just spend their time writing and use this time for efficiently"

"Writing productivity is about actions that you aren't doing but could easily do"

--from How to Write A Lot: A Practical Guide to Academic Writing.  Paul Silva, 2007.


  • Positive
  • Viewing yourself as a writer
  • Part of longer conversation
  • P & T guidelines

What do we know?

Among faculty at Bacc. institutions....

17.2 % have not published a journal article 

63.2% have not published a book

16.7% spend 0 hours a week on writing & scholarship

32.8% spend 1-4 hours 

the answer...

Writing productivity comes down to





  • Making a schedule
  • Setting clear goals
  • Keeping track of your work
  • Rewarding yourself

--from How to Write A Lot: A Practical Guide to Academic Writing. Paul Silva, 2007.

All supported by a writing group.


30 minutes a day
4.5 days a week
180 pages of revised writing annually

--from Dr. Tara Gray, 
Director of Teaching Academy, New Mexico St.

My Writing Space & Time


Writing Groups
Shut Up & Write
Pomodoro Technique

Structured or unstructured / F2F or remote, the goal =
sharing drafts
creating / connecting / cultivating


Belcher, W.L. (2009). Writing your journal article in 12 weeks.

Boice, R. (1990). Professors as writers: A self-help guide to productive writing.

Germano, W. (2005). From dissertation to book.

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Next year

Write Now Academy, hosted by Write@UNG initiative of CTLL

12 week program.

Writing Your Journal Article in 12 Weeks.

In-person once a month; accountability updates weekly


Diana Edelman

English Department


Fridays 1-5, GVL

Writing Groups

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