Where did we come from?


the good. the bad. and the ugly.


Founded in 2013


Arete Imagine Inc. was founded in June 2013 by Marisa and Nate Porter. Their primary client was Drug Free Pennsylvania.



Year of DFPA


In 2014 Arete Image saw a growth of +500% year over year. That comes out to an average monthly increase of +250%. 


96% of all 2014 income was from DFPA




  • We lost our largest client (DFPA)
  • We invested heavily in UkuuPeople $150k
  • We struggled to recover revenue needed
  • $60k+ liability added to maintain cash flow
  • Our revenue was down 40% year over year

We never really know what stupidity is until we have experimented on ourselves.

Paul Gauguin



lessons learned

  • Individual project model is too volatile
  • Investors are leery of investing in something with no measurable and consistent revenue stream
  • Having a majority of revenue coming from 1 or a handful of clients is VERY risk

Stupidity is continuing blindly, ignoring the risk. Courage is understanding the risk but continuing with wisdom.

Nathan Porter



the path forward

  • We don't know if we've hit bottom yet
  • A few projects are confirmed and look hopeful
  • We want productize our services
  • We want to build recurring revenue stream
  • We want to diversify our revenue stream
  • We want to capitalize on strengths and experience

He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.

Muhammad Ali


the path forward

  • In the past we've aimed at the top 5% of nonprofits
  • We've completely ignored the small to medium orgs
  • These projects have a long lead time and often a long development time
  • These type of projects create a volatile cashflow


a new day?

  • I want to create a full web and org management platform for nonprofits
  • Others offer this for an average price tag of $40k/yr
  • We can create a less feature rich offering for $15k/yr
  • There aren't any such platforms that actually are built on really modern web platforms or that respect current design and performance trends
  • Most platforms are split between CRM and CMS and are difficult to integrate
  • For a custom website that is integrated Orgs pay $50k + the cost of the CRM which could be another $25k

Nonprofit 360 Platform

Business Benefits

  • More efficient use of resources
    • All client sites are built on the same platform
    • High $$ resources don't need to be involved in every setup
    • Support issues are universal, not unique per project
  • Opportunity for development of a partner network
  • Leverages our investment in UkuuPeople
  • Ability to create defined processes (sales, setup, etc)

Nonprofit 360 Platform


  • Fully responsive website and forms
  • Secure website (SSL)
  • Website content backups and restore
  • SEO friendly platform
  • Simple to use interface
  • Performance optimized for fast site load times
  • Event management tools

  • Membership management tools

  • Private Social Media network

  • Automated Email marketing

  • Flexible donation tools

    • No Transaction Fees

    • Campaign goals

    • Recurring donations

    • Multiple payment gateways

  • Integration with online auction tools

  • Full featured donor management system in the same dashboard


Nonprofit 360 Platform

  • Initial setup cost - $6,500
  • (2500 Contacts) - $395/mo
  • (5000 Contacts) - $495/mo
  • +Event Management - $89/mo
  • +Membership Management - $89/mo
  • +Private social network - $199/mo



  • Onsite training ($1000 per day)
  • Boost ($4,500 per year)
    • 4-6 email marketing campaigns
    • expert orientation and training
    • review and advise on fundraising strategy



AVG First Year Value = $15k
AVG Subsequent Year Value = $8,500
Sales Goal Year 1 = 4 sales per mo

Total Units Sold = 36 
Total Revenue = $540,000


Sales Goal Year 2 = 5 sales per mo
Total Units Sold = 60
Total attrition rate = 30% 
renewal revenue = $214,200
Total Revenue = $1,114,200


Nonprofit 360 Platform


Technical Environment (Short Term)

  • WordPress as underlying CMS
  • Streamlined user dashboard
  • UkuuPeople as CRM
  • Give as donation pages tool
  • Custom theme (developed by us)
  • Hosting - Servint VPS
  • Backups to AWS via UpDraft Plus
  • Google Analytics reporting in dashboard
  • Custom post types created by us

Technical Environment (Long Term)

  • WordPress MS as underlying CMS
  • Custom JS Dashboard
  • UkuuPeople as CRM
  • UkuuPeople Advanced Reporting
  • UkuuPeople Org Overview Dashlets
  • UkuuPeople Google Apps integration
  • Give as donation pages tool
  • 10 Custom themes (developed by us)
  • Hosting - Servint VPS
  • Backups to AWS via UpDraft Plus
  • Google Analytics reporting in dashboard
  • Custom post types created by us
  • Salesforce Integration


By Nathan Porter


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