Kibana + Elasticsearch

Data Visualization Lab @NTHU



Data Visualization Lab

  • Introduction
  • Requirements
  • Elasticsearch
  • Kibana                                                          
  • Demonstration    
  • References & Guides


Data Visualization Lab

Many tools to visualize?


How do we choose?




Data Visualization Lab

Ease of use: Even a non-programmer can use it 


Speed: Fast interaction and overall use


Flexible: (e.g exporting capabilities)


Size: Scalability matters with the size of data being generated today

Kibana + Elasticsearch




Elasticsearch Overview

Idea: A lucene-based search server with HTTP web interface


Worthy Mentions: Java, Open-source


Notable Features: 

  • Distributed RESTful search engine
  • Supports all type of documents (schema - free)
  • Scalable search
  • Near real-time search
  • Build for the cloud
  • ACID noncompliant

Kibana Overview

Solution: Kibana + Elasticsearch

Data Visualization Lab

Gives shape to the Elasticsearch Data Layer

  • Unstructured and structured data
  • Benefits from powerful search and analytics

Visualize data from many other sources

  • ES-Hadoop
  • Fluentd                                                              

User Friendly & Powerful Collaboration Tool

  • simple data export                                                             
  • easy setup
  • easy to share

Demonstration: requirements

Data Visualization Lab

Install Elasticsearch (2.0)


Install Kibana




References & Guides

Data Visualization Lab

  • Install Elasticsearch Linux:
  • Elasticsearch repository:
  • Book:
  • Kibana Guide:  
  • Kibana tutorial:                                                  

Data Visualization Lab

By Omar Sar

Data Visualization Lab

A data visualization session for Data Mining Concepts @NTHU

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