Storing your Graphs

Olivier Yiptong :

Triple Stores

  • Store triples, i.e. relationships

    Bob :LIKES Alice
    Alice :LIKES Charlie
    Charlie :IS NotSingle

  • SPARQL standardized
  • Mostly OLAP. AllegroGraph claimed OLTP-capable
  • A specific kind of graph

Graph Databases

  • Index-free adjacency
  • No standard storage strategy
  • Various models
  • Most seem focused on OLTP


Roll your own on top of:


A look at Graph Databases

No standard implementation

No standard implementation

Implementation matters!

No Free Lunch

Massive Scale

  • Massive tradeoffs
  • Pregel, Giraph, Hama etc for offline processing
  • Titan? Not exactly transactional processing
  • Data rarely massive
  • Massive scale == Massive pain

Which Graph DB then?

It depends!

Perhaps none!

GraphDB's can be very useful

  • Usage scenarios
  • Your data
  • Types of computation
  • Great tool in your arsenal


Olivier Yiptong :

Graph Databases

By Olivier Yiptong

Graph Databases

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