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Project mentor:

Mr. Anuj Mahajan


Parbhat Puri

Ankit Kumar

Atul Mishra


The health sector in India is broken. A number of children die every year because their parents do not know general things or various government vaccination or medicines schemes in their area. With echildcare - SMS application, parents can register with a simple SMS and now they will receive general advice for child care, various medicines/vaccination to be given to their child on exact dates.

Project Features

  • Users can register with the service with simple SMS.

  • Now they will receive notifications about medicines, vaccination centres in their area. Also other government schemes.

  • The messages will be customized for users according to date of birth of child.

  • The scheduling of messages will be done automatically. Manual action is not required.

  • The admin will have access through web interface.

  • Notifications will be sent on SMS/E-mail.

Data is power

  • This will also act as Birth registration system.

  • Corruption can be controlled as government has record of medicines required in a particular area.
  • Data can be exported to Excel sheets so can be used in local medical centres.

Why SMS?

Why not Web or Mobile apps?

Why SMS?

  • Expensive hardware is not required
  • Internet access is not everywhere
  • Internet vs Mobile users in India
  • Mobile users - 960 million
  • Internet users - 350 million
  • 9 out of 10 mobile internet users are men.
  • The probability of people reading SMS is much higher than Email.

Technologies used

  • Python/Django

  • RapidSMS
  • Celery for scheduling tasks
  • Redis as message broker
  • PostgreSQL database

SMS Interface



Thanks for showing interest in echildcare.
To register, send JOIN <DATE OF BIRTH OF CHILD
INFORMATION> Example: JOIN 2015-04-24 9797521857
register 2014-04-24 9896012345

Thank you for registering your child with
echildcare born on 2014-04-24. Now you will
receive notifications on 9896012345. You can
also add more information if you like. Just send
email, gender, language, name, pincode from your
registered number. Example: name pappu

You can also add more information if you like. Just send email, gender, language, name, pincode from your registered number. Example: name pappu


If the user send the email in wrong format

email xyz
Please enter E-mail in correct format.

If user try to add name from an unregistered number

name pappu

You must JOIN or REGISTER yourself
before you can set your child name



You have successfully unsubscribed from
the echildcare service. To register again

Web interface

Only Admin can access


  • Message log

  • Registration

  • Messaging

  • Message Tester

  • Create general and
    Scheduled events.


Basic Flow


Thank You

Any Questions?


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