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While nobody prays to be the victim of an accident or mishap, these accidents happen daily and they result from different causes. Thankfully, personal injury law has created a way for accident victims to receive justice and compensation. In reality, if there was no P.I.L. a lot of victims would have been hapless. Furthermore, personal injury law and litigation has served a vital purpose by keeping corporate America and other parties on their toes when it comes to putting safety precautions in place. Today, a lot of emphasis is placed on ensuring that services, products and practices are carried out with a high regard for the safety of others-thanks to personal injury litigation.

The Phases of Personal Injury Litigation

Everyone knows that when you have been injured unfairly and you need to hire a lawyer so that you will be paid, but the steps involved can be confusing to many people. Knowing the stages involved in the process can help you better understand the personal injury litigation process and they work the same as a litigant or defendant. Here is what the experience of Paul Dansker is briefing:

The first thing your lawyer will do after speaking to you and getting the facts to the case is to file a formal complaint at the courthouse. This allows the judicial system to be aware you are seeking action against the defendant, and they will also be able to tell their side of the story as well.

It will then go into the discovery and motion phase which lasts from the time a complaint is filed to right before the case goes to court. Both sides use this time to gather evidence to support their side of the story, gather documents and forms for admissions of evidence. Motions are also filed at this time, which is contesting parts of the discovery from being seen at a jury, if and when it gets there.

In many cases, they will settle out of court. If this has not happened, then a trial before a jury will commence. Both sides are allowed to present their case and all the evidence throughout the process to get a verdict.

If the jury finds in the victim's favor, then they can award a monetary compensation to them for injuries that were sustained. They may give this as a lump sum, or allow the defendant to make payments out.

This can be a long process, and is frustrating to many people having to wait for all the steps. Finding a qualified attorney like Paul Dansker who has experience with personal injury litigation can help to make the process go by smoother and allow you to live your life normally again.

Mr. Paul Dansker co-established the law firm of Dansker & Aspromonte with Salvatore Aspromonte in April 1989 at 30 Vesey Street, on the edge of the World Trade Center site in Manhattan. Mr. Dansker personally oversees the litigation department and trains all of the firm’s attorneys in advanced trial technique. He continues to build for a brighter future.

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Dansker & Aspromonte Associates

By Paul D Dansker

Dansker & Aspromonte Associates

Dansker & Aspromonte Associates is a New York personal injury law firm specializing in serious brain injuries; medical malpractice, motor vehicle accidents, falls, construction accidents, municipal liability, injuries to children and more. It has represented thousands of clients and obtained hundreds of millions of dollars for them over the last 30 years.

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