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Hybrid approach for mobile development

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Pavel Kurnosov   

Who is this person?

Senior Software developer 
at Joint Collaboration AS   
6 years experience  
Github: pavel-kurnosov        
LinkedIn: pavelkurnosov    


We build document management system for building and construction area.

Mobile application

TEchnology stack


Why we choose hybrid approach

  • We don't have time

  • We don't wont to have different code base for each mobile platform 

  • We don't know well native application development for some platforms

  • We have a lot of experience with Sencha products

What phonegap give us

  • Store pictures on device
  • Connection status online/offline
  • Upload files to server
  • Camera and gallery
  • Build server

What seNcha touch give us

  • SASS themes for each platforms
  • Support of font icons out of the box
  • Api for using localstorage as store and bind it to view
  • Support phonegap/cordova out of the box
  • Sencha CMD  - sencha app build -run native :) 

pros of using hybrit

  • Fast development
  • One code base
  • Support any screen resolution (thanks to Sencha and Web)
  • Support device specific features (thanks to Phonegap)

Cons of using hybrid approach

  • Each platform has own browser :)
  • Slow on old devices (hello Android)
  • If you want new feature specific for platform you have to know native development 
  • Hybrid approach not for all ;) 

challenges that we had

While you taking picture on android, system kill your app 

Styles for each platform

Phonegap 3 early versions was unstable


Joint onSite

By Pavel Kurnosov

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