Pencil Me In

Porfirio Moreno

Gr Des 75 Spring 2017

ios App


The problem I identified was that barbershops spent a significant amount of time on the phone scheduling appointments reducing the time they spent with the client, and the problem I identified for clients is not being able to schedule an appointment because of busines hours limitations or not being able to communicate with their barber if they are running late.


The solution I created is an app that will serve the need to quickly make appointments, to add your business and create an online presence, to communicate with your barber if something comes up and to increase efficiency by reducing the number of appointments being made through the phone.

Target Users

The app has two specific target users Barbershop/ salon owners and their clients. The purpose it serves for barbershop is to create an online presence and to organize their appointments, and for clients who are on the go and who’s appearance is important to them and don’t want miss their next haircut.

Development Process

The idea for the icon was to combine a pencil taken from the name of the app, and a barber pole usually found outside of barbershops. When i first started sketching i wanted to find a way to make every task easy and quick to completed without the design being overwhelming . The user flow starts with a sign up or sign in page after that is complete the user can find a barbershop and look at their profile and determine if that is where they would like to make their appointment after they find the place they want to make a appointment for they can choose the date, time, and the barber they prefer.


User Flow




Pencil Me In


Pencil Me In

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