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Tourist Eye

"Ask Sploria"

(//TODO: think of a better name)

Mobile app that connects travellers with a network of english-speaking locals that are rewarded for answering questions about their city

Key features

  • Ask text-based questions or attach photos
  • Quick response time
  • Trustworthy local experts, incentivised to answer


A live support network for tourists



    “Which pub in Darling Harbour is best to watch the Manchester United game?"

Recommendations (beyond Tripadvisor)

    “Where can I go to watch some live Jazz on a Tuesday night?"

    “I'm staying near the Colloseum, where is the most authentic pasta place nearby?"

    “How would I get to a Scotch Distillery tour from Edinburgh without a car”)

Questions about the local area

    “What's the best way to get to the airport at 5pm tomorrow?"

    “What is an Opal card, should I get one?"

    “Here's a photo of a street sign, what does it say?"

Urgent Requests

"I left my camera on the train, what are my chances of getting it back and who can I contact?"

"I need to leave my bags somewhere, what's the nearest place to Lords Cricket Ground that I can leave them for the day?"

Customer Interviews

  • "Live" help not as big of an issue
  • Recommendations not a solved problem
  • Language barrier issues universal
  • Much better response after app concept was explained

Key findings

Competitor Analysis

  • TripAdvisor
    • Time consuming & inaccurate
  • LocalMind
    • Crowd-sourced
    • Bought by AirBnB and abandoned?
    • Good in tech areas but not worldwide
  • Fountain
    • Recently launched, different market segment

Biggest risks to test

  • Will people pay, and how much? 
    • Is it enough to cover acquisition costs + payouts
  • How much will we have to pay local english speaking experts

Landing Page MVP

  • Fake walkthrough of app
  • Sell the concept
  • Buy now 
  • Ask for cities & dates
  • Tell them it's not available for those cities and ask for email


By Rod Howarth


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