Research and Innovation in the MED Area

Database project, development and population


  Carlo Savoretti, Ph.D      

Ancona, Camera di Commercio               26 February 2013

IKTIMED Project 


Catalogue and certify research and innovation of structured research centers 

Phases 5.1 - 5.2 - 5.3

  • Definition of the indicator system
  • Project and design of web database
  • Public openness of the web database


  • Accreditation system
  • Data collecton
  • Database Management
  • ...

Two proposals

  1. Project and implementation of a new web database and a web site
  1. Project and implementation of a web site “connected” with local databases of research centers, most innovative enterprises, universities...


  • skype conference
  • web forum 
  • ....

  • Design and development of a new web database
  • Data from research centers, SMEs, Universities, Service Centers...
  • At the beginning No accreditation system
  • Data loaded from IKTIMED partners

Marche Region 

Previous experiences in innovation and research monitoring systems



The www.marcheinnovazione.it portal has been promoted by the Marche Regional Government with the aim of promoting and sustaining research and technological innovation in the region.



promoting the collaboration of regional actors in R&D projects
facilitating the access to technological competences within the region
improving the knowledge of the regional innovation system



  • Enterprises
  • Research Centers
  • Public Instistutions

Main Sections

  • Research Centers
  • Enterprises
  • Patents
  • Innovation Funding
  • Network and SMEs


4 Connected Database:

  • Research (universities, departments..)
  • Innovative Enterprises
    (about 400 enterprises)
  • National and International patents
    (about 8000 national and 3000 international patent stored)
  • Innovation and Research projects founded
    (about 500 projects)

IKTIMED database

Database as information system and not accreditation system

Main objectives
  • Find key indicators to create a database on regional innovation actors & services
  • Help identify the innovation capacities of the different regions
  • The database will be focused on the sectors identified for the MICS
  • The indicators will enable to have quantitative and qualitative data on innovation entities


  • Research & technology center
  • Higher education institution
  • Business
  • Innovative project holder
  • Investment community
  • Regional / local stakeholder
  • Business Pre-Incubator
  • Business Incubator
  • Business Innovation Center
  • Cluster
  • Open innovation platform


  • Patent
  • Product
  • Project
  • Publication
  • Service
  • [...]

Entity Relationship Model


Database Population

Top Down Approach
Each regional partner enters data about its territory

  • Back-office interface to insert and edit data
  • Different user level:
    administrator, region administrator

Data Statistics

  • More than 20 active users

  • About 300 entities

  • Less than 30 assets

Front End [1]

Database connected to IKTIMED web site
  • Complete list of entity
  • Entity List by:
  1. Region
  2. Innovative Community

Front End  [2]

Advanced Search

  • Fixed field elements
  • Keywords


  • The database is an instrument to search potential partners in R&D - Innovation activities

  • Same data structure and interface to catalogue research and innovation entities ind different MED region 


  • Same structure to map different  (kind and region) entity 
  • Data Quantity
  • Advanced search capability
Open Point - Weakness 
  • Data Quality have to be verified (assets?)
  • Promotion 
  • Integration with other systems, now it is a closed sytem
  • Collaboration between entities
  • Data editing and updating

Thank You

Carlo Savoretti, Ph.D



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