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3/8/18 @ Vacasa (Thank you!)


Network: Vacasa_Guest

6-6:20 Chat and Grab Food

6:20-6:25 Welcome and Sponsors

6:30-6:50 Sam Julien: AOT + ngUpgrade

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Sponsored by Apex Systems (Thank you!)

Organizers: Sam Julien, Richard Stanley, & Jim Klein

7-7:20 Nathan Brenner: TDD

7:30-7:50 Shiva Prasad: NativeScript

Next Meetup: Wednesday 4/11, 6pm, Vacasa

AOT + ngUpgrade

Lessons and Pitfalls

Sam Julien | Energy Trust of Oregon


No CLI? No problem.

Elephant in the Code

Angular's Two Modes:

  • JIT (just-in-time)
  • AOT (ahead of time)

Three Steps to AOT + ngUpgrade

  1. Prep your Angular code for AOT.
  2. Completely separate your AngularJS code from your Angular code.
  3. Set up Webpack and TypeScript for AOT.

Prep Your Code for AOT

  • Use templateUrl for your Angular components, not inline templates
  • Get rid of private template variables

  • Ditch any instances of 'export default'

  • Excellent resource


Separate Your Angular and AngularJS Code

  • Move component and service registrations into the AngularJS module
  • Change the AngularJS entry point in Webpack

  • Update your version of Angular

  • Angular Update Guide


Set Up Webpack & TypeScript for AOT

  • Install the AOT tools
    • @angular/compiler-cli
    • @ngtools/webpack
    • angular2-template-loader
  • Add a new TypeScript config for AOT
  • Adding a new main.ts file for AOT
  • Update the prod config
  • Update dev config



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Angular Portland March 2018

Meetup info and slides for my AOT talk.

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