Your Dependencies

Where We've Been

  • One Object Per File
  • Organize by Feature

What's Next

  • Move to npm
  • Upgrade AngularJS to 1.5+

npm: What and Why?

  • Why a package manager?
  • npm: the package manager for the Node ecosystem
  • What happened to Bower?
  • Modular approach
  • Supports our move to Webpack

Migrating Dependencies

  1. Create package.json.
  2. Identify the dependency.
  3. Do I still need this?
  4. Determine if it's a development or production dependency.

  5. Add to package.json.

    • Keep the same version if possible, especially major.

    • Upgrade if need be.

  6. ​npm install
  7. Update script tag.

  8. Run the application.

  9. Check for bugs and version changes.

Let's get started.

Moving to npm

By Sam Julien

Moving to npm

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