Open Data Policy


Performance & Analytics Department

Today, Our Data Is...

  • Closed
  • Misunderstood
  • Hard to find
  • Unknown
  • Scattered.

Open Data is...

  • Accessible
  • Described
  • Reusable
  • Timely
  • Complete

As a City Employee,

Open Data Lets Me...

  • Increase operational efficiency.
  • Make it easier to access information from other departments.
  • Be transparent about what my department is doing.
  • Stimulate economic activity and innovation.
  • Improve decision making and accountability.
  • Engage in a community of other municipalities.

As a San Diegan,

Open Data Lets Me...

  • Engage with my government.
  • Find the information I need.
  • Learn where I can open my business.
  • Avoid construction in my commute.
  • Find things going on this week.
  • Learn about where I live.
  • Build applications to help my neighbors.
  • Find support services when I'm in need.

An Example

Let's Visualize Budget Data

As an interactive chart


  • Download PDF
  • Download Tabula
  • Download Java
  • Extract Page #5
  • Run Tabula
  • Select and Extract Table Data
  • Import into Excel
  • Fix headers
  • Paste into viz tool
  • Visualize

Total Time: 1 Hour


  • Copy
  • Paste

Total Time: 2 Minutes

The Goal

  • Automatic

Total Time: 0.003 Seconds (probably less)

Less Effort.

Same Result.


Open Data Policy

  • Open Data Policy:

    • Draws on other existing policies.

    • Defines terms, making sure data meets "open criteria"

    • Assigns responsibilities to Chief Data Officer and to City Departments

    • Sets timeline 

    • Includes reporting requirements to Mayor and Council

Past | Present | Future

Open Data's Timeline is Open Data

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