SymPy & SymEngine



 What do we prefer for symbolic manipulation and calculations

  • Interactive program
  • Input as Symbolic form
  • Fast and easy  


  • Open Source Python library
  • Lightweight
  • Interactive tool
  • Simple functions for Symbolic mathematics

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  • Ondrej Certık started the project in 2006.
  • Development took off in 2007 when SymPy first participated in Google Summer of Code. We have participated in every Google Summer of Code since.

 Present Status

  • Over 450 contributors.
  • Current code base has over 400,000 lines of code and documentation.
  • We have crossed the point of “sympy a toy” to “sympy a tool”


  • New assumptions
  • Make things faster
  • SymEngine
  • Implement more algorithms, so we can compute more things (and also make them faster)
  • Replacing solve with solveset
  • More ideas on wiki page of SymPy

 Projects using SymPy

  • Sage
  • SageMathCloud
  • PyDy
  • IKFast
  • Octave Symbolic
  • galgebra
  • SymPy.jl
  • Mathics
  • SfePy

 Projects using SymPy

  • Quameon
  • Lcapy
  • Quantum Programming inPython
  • LaTex Expression project
  • Symbolic Statistical modeling

 Symbolic mathematics

  • computation with symbolic expressions

 Symbolic        = π

Numeric         = 3.14159

 SymPy features

 SymPy features

 Let's learn these features !



By Shekhar Rajak


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